A terrace heater is an excellent option for almost anybody who needs to heat an outdoor space. Whether you have a small restaurant or private business like a pub or bar with seating out on the patio, this unit can help you out a lot. These heaters are available in the marketplace in an assortment of fuel variations and healing powers.

There are two main types of portable heaters – gas and infrared. Each one has its pros and cons, so it’s a matter of your specific application and needs that will determine which one to get. Let’s take a look at these two types in turn to get some tips that will be useful for using a terrace heater.

These tips are:

Two types of terrace heaters

Gas-based heaters: The most common types of portable heating units are those that use propane as their fuel. While it is true that propane is an inexpensive fuel, you also have to factor in its volatility and emissions.

Although this type of heater is the cheapest way to heat the patio or deck, remember that it is also the most volatile and usually requires frequent cleaning and frequent refueling. For this reason, most people would consider getting a natural gas heater because it is safer, easier on the pocketbook, and more reliable than the gas-based models.

Natural gas heaters are also much safer than propane-powered units because they don’t produce any carbon monoxide or other pollutants. Because of these safety factors, they are by far the best patio heater if you are looking for an economical option for a propane-based heater. This option can work especially well in terrace apartments because they are so easy to transport and install.

Wood terrace heaters: If you want the warmth of a flame but prefer something more reliable than a gas or natural gas model, wood terrace heaters are a great option to consider. There are two types of wood-based terrace heater: gas and electric. Most people choose electric models because they are more reliable. Just like a propane model, however, it must be kept in a protective environment (a storage tank is required) and requires frequent refueling. This type of unit is also not very practical if you want to use your terrace throughout the winter months because it does not function well in colder climates.

There are many models of terrace heaters to consider, so do your research thoroughly. You may even want to consult with a heating specialist before making a purchase. This way, you can find out which models will best suit your needs and your budget.


Since there are so many models of terrace heaters on the market today, it is also possible to get great deals online. In addition, some companies offer money-saving discounts for buying several units. You need to choose the best one out.

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