As more and more colleges approach their marketing efforts with a fresh perspective, social media applications are becoming the primary way for them to reach prospective students. Now more than ever, colleges can rely on the fact that their potential students are using these social media apps and attempting to engage with businesses, personalities, and colleges alike. In order to make sure they’re striking when the iron is hot, the content that colleges share must be compelling. Some of the current content templates that are seeing success are day-in-the-life posts, study-with-me videos, and coverage of on-campus events. With the day-in-the-life posts, current college students create video content that details and highlights some of the best parts of their day, which is incredibly compelling to aspiring college students who are interested in what the average day looks like for a current college student. Similarly, study-with-me videos tend to detail the ways in which a current college student is tackling their latest assignment or preparing for a midterm exam. For those prospective students interested in what the grind looks like for these exams, this sort of content is very influential. Lastly, the videos that detail the on-campus events allow prospective students to see some of the social elements of the college they’re interested in. As this remains an important element of the college experience at large, more and more aspiring students are seeking this content from current students and colleges. While these three content templates make up a large portion of college TikTok discourse, there is a lot more going on to attract potential students. Continue reading on to the infographic coupled alongside this post for more information on these recruitment strategies.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, an organization offering a premier alumni engagement platform

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