When you are trying to increase the online visibility of your business website, you may need to get assistance from a company offering quality digital marketing in Malaysia. Ensuring you use a reputable agency to assist with your digital marketing efforts can help ensure you get the results you want. You will need to ask lots of questions before choosing which agency to work with to help ensure they are suitable for your business. Below are some questions you should ask to help you get started to raise the online profile of your business and help it become a success.

How Will You Identify Our Needs?

You will want to ask any potential digital agency this question and see how they respond. Any digital agency worth their salt will do extensive research before starting to work with your company, including researching your industry and the keywords that are most relevant to your business. They will need to ask you many questions and do further research themselves to identify your needs correctly.

When Can We Expect Results?

It is a bit of an open question, and there can be many factors which can affect how quickly you can see results for your digital marketing campaign. It will typically take three to six months before you see a significant benefit, but it can be longer if your website has a penalty or requires other work. If any agency promises you results, be careful, as when it comes to digital marketing, there are no guarantees, and you are at the will of Google and the other search engines.

Do You Use Black Hat SEO Tactics?

You will also want to ask potential agencies about the tactics they will use in your digital marketing campaign and whether these are white or black hat tactics. Using black hat techniques to increase your online visibility can often show you some good results in the short term, but you run the risk of getting your website penalised.

How Do You Procure Links?

You will also want to ask the agencies how they go about link building for client campaigns and where they source the links from, and you will want to avoid using a link farm. It is often a task they outsource to other companies, but the best digital agencies do this in-house and have a dedicated outreach team that strives to provide the best quality links possible.

These are only a few of the questions you will want to ask, but there are many more you will want to ask besides these. You can click here to get some more relevant questions to ask that can help ensure you choose the best quality agency to help increase the online visibility of your company website.

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