Yubo is a social media platform founded in 2015 with the vision of creating a safe space online for Gen Z to hang out, explore life, and be themselves. Here are some of the ways they’re delivering on this commitment.

Stopping Gen Z Location Targeting

Instead of letting third-party advertisers target younger Gen Z users, Yubo has chosen to make its app free to join. Then, once the user decides they like the platform and want to get more out of it, they can pay a small fee for the premium version.

To incentivize Gen Z, the paid version offers increased social visibility and fun features. For parents who may be paying, the platform offers a safer social media experience.

Not relying on ad revenues to maintain the site gives them the freedom to instead do the right thing and keep the space safe.

Stopping Bullies and Predators from Finding Targets

Users can also choose to hide their locations from others or block them from being able to find them with their phone numbers.

If a user tries to voluntarily share personal information on the platform, they get a message asking them to rethink whether that’s a smart move.

Focus on Being Part of the Solution

Yubo partners with international government agencies and well-known child advocacy organizations to learn what they can do better and bring about real change in the social media world.

They regularly run joint initiatives on the platform and educate their users about resources, safety issues, and solutions to have a safe, enjoyable social media experience.

Together, they’re leading the way, making the Internet a safer place for young people.

Age-based Communities

Regardless of age, pornographic materials, bullying, and exploitive behavior are against the rules. But even if something isn’t prohibited, it may not be a good idea for younger Gen Z users to see it. At the same time, older Gen Z will get more out of interacting with people closer to their age.

For these reasons, the platform is age-based. When a user signs up, they complete age verification using Yoti. This AI technology can view a person’s picture and estimate their age. It can also learn to spot potentially altered or outdated pictures. The user will need to provide additional verification if the AI thinks the age doesn’t match.

Existing users are also verified using this technology.

Real People Protecting the Community

Yubo keeps a team of in-house moderators on staff. These individuals watch content shared on the site all day long. If they see rule-breaking, they can shut it down immediately.

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps these humans home in on content or people who may not value the platform’s safe space mission. This swift action both reduces the damage caused and reminds all users that this is a safe space for Gen Z to express itself.

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