According to Matt Davies Stockton, digital marketing trends are one of those things that are challenging, yet unavoidable for businesses. As more people work from home, there has been a spike in social media usage and small business owners are scrambling to adapt to consumer behavior changes. Let’s check out digital marketing trends you shouldn’t ignore.

The Trends

  1. Video marketing – Vine started it. However, Twitter’s lack of foresight, wrong algorithms, and other factors didn’t make it the success story it could’ve been. Instead, TikTok took the crown of short vertical videos and created a platform that could make videos go incredibly viral. Brands can use the platform to reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people across the world on a regular basis.

“Challenges” on the platform allow you to increase brand awareness with user-generated content. The success of TikTok forced Instagram to come up with Reels and favor video content over images. While large corporations spend big money on video marketing, you don’t need to do the same. Focus on storytelling and building solid relationships with your target audience with meaningful and relevant content. Pour in all your creativity in front of the smartphone camera for a few seconds and your brand could be connecting millions of users the next day.

  1. Niche marketing – Niche marketing is about building stronger connections with your audience by specializing in a specific service or product. Niche markets allow you to focus your resources on a smaller consumer base and understand their needs. It allows you to position yourself as an authoritative figure and expert and build loyal followers for your brand.

Niche marketing is risky, yet strategically very important. It allows you to grow a small yet strong and vocal community as a startup and enter bigger markets later on. Niche marketing also allows you to identify and target your audience more easily through organic reach and paid ads. While the consumer base is small, so is competition. The story of OnePlus and Nothing are stories of niche marketing in the smartphone world.

  1. Marketing automation – Over the years, SalesForce, eMarketeer, and Hubspot show that businesses that use automation for nurturing prospects witness a significant rise in quality leads. For instance, sending out an email sequence is a form of marketing automation that allows you to follow up on leads consistently.

Those emails are designed to follow up on inquiries, educate about your brand, products, or services and sell them as well. You can also use messenger bots for your social media channels and website as they allow you to cut down on operation costs while delivering high-quality customer support. Your business would definitely benefit greatly from getting on the messenger bot trend.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above-mentioned digital marketing trends or take inspiration from them to design a relevant digital marketing strategy for your business. Identifying trends and implementing the right strategy to leverage those trends would help you increase consumer interaction and gain massive reach.

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