Slow wifi connection is a universal problem. Many of you (including us) have experienced lags while streaming movies, attending zoom calls, or playing online games at some point or the other.

Fortunately enough, there are some ways to check reasons behind slow internet speed. Come, let’s find out what those are in detail below:

  • Is your internet slow because of the router?

First things first. You need to confirm whether or not you’re getting slower speed through the router. So, switch on your router, connect your testing computer to it with an Ethernet cable, and run a wifi speed test.

If you have a combination of a router and modem (wireless gateway), turn off the bridge mode.

If you don’t receive any comparable results at this step, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • It needs a software update
  • It may have broken ports
  • It might have become outdated

Well, in these scenarios, you can try the following tips and see if that helps:

  • Login to your router’s interface through a browser to check for any software or firmware updates
  • Try using different LAN ports with your Ethernet cable (in case, one isn’t working properly)
  • Try to factory reset your router
  • Upgrade your router with a model that can support faster speeds

Another thing you can try if you’re still getting inconsistent speeds is to troubleshoot your network. Wondering how? Come, let’s take a look below:

How to troubleshoot your network at home?


Now, if your speed is still slow, it indicates that something is definitely wrong with your wifi network. That’s correct!

A slow wifi speed can occur due to various reasons, such as physical obstructions like walls, signal interference, and so forth.

Thus, try out some of the hacks mentioned below to get rid of the problem:

  • Reposition your router
  • Close the bandwidth-hogging apps
  • Put visitors on a guest network, etc.

Note: If none of the above-mentioned tips work, purchase a new router

While the router can be one of the many reasons for slow speed, there could also be another culprit that you haven’t (yet) considered. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They could also be throttling your internet (without your knowledge).

Here’s a smart way to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • Find the right Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Before you switch on the VPN, run a wifi speed test. Type ‘speed test’ in your browser and choose the best result
  • Open the link and select ‘Go’ in the centre of the screen. It will automatically detect the test servers in your location
  • For the first test, make use of the server it chooses. Later, try out other servers around the country (if you wish)

Once you find out the speed test results, switch on the VPN. Run a speed test again and compare the results with and without a VPN connection.

Note: If your wifi internet speed is slower without an active VPN, your ISP is undoubtedly throttling you!

In a nutshell, your wifi can be slow due to your router, internet connection, or both. The best way to find out is by running some speed tests. If it shows inconsistent results, speak with your ISP!

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