Worried About Tax Increases – If You Live In California You Should Be

When you are thinking about business tax increases, you need to remember that they are going to hit you hard if you are in California. These business tax increases are coming, but you might be able to get around some of them if you are planning properly. Other tax increases will require a bit of planning so that you will not have to worry about losing too much money.

The Grandfathering

When you are trying to get out of some of the new business taxes, you need to find out if you can be grandfathered into the system at a rate that you are already paying. Certain businesses are going to be exempt from these new taxes, but you will not know until you ask. You will have to fill out a form to get exempted, and you will need to work with the state so that there is no confusion about what you should pay.


You need to calculate the new tax rate, and you need to decide how you are going to make up for these new rates. You can cut small things here and there so that nobody feels the effects too much. When you have planned, your business will not lose any money, and you will be able to make small changes that almost no one will notice. Your employees will go on as if nothing happened, and you will still turn the profit that you are used to turning.

Your Sales

When you need to pay new tax rates on sales, you want to make sure that you are programming your registers to charge the right amount of money. You do not want to get the tax wrong, and you certainly do not want to do anything that is going to get you into trouble with the state.

The three items above are going to help you get prepared for the new business tax rates that are coming. You should be worried about them because they are going to happen, but you will be able to get around them if you are using these simple steps.