A buying guide for the best longboard brands

A novice longboarder may not have an idea when it comes to choosing the right longboard. For that reason, this guide will help them make the best decision when purchasing a longboard.

When you start thinking about a longboard, you should know that there are a few characteristics you should expect it to have. Here are some of the things to look out for when selecting the best longboard brands.

Durability – Examine a few things such as the wheels, whether they`re small or big, are they soft or hard. Durable bearings are also very important since they help to lower your learning curve as beginner.

Shape – Go for the best shape when picking the best longboard. You are bound to have a lot of fun with your longboards if you get the ones with the right shape. You will find different shapes of longboards for you to choose from, which include hybrid, pintail and drop through the deck design among others.

Width – Width holds immense importance just like the length. Individuals with big feet should go for longboards with minimum 9-inch width. Only settle for the right width.

Design – Your longboard must be appealing to you. They come with many graphics on them, which mean you have a variety of artwork or design to choose from. Make sure to pick the best from the lot.

Flex – You need to go for flex boards because you won`t feel the bumps as you would feel when you`re on stiff boards. Heavy built person should also look for flex boards since there are limited options for them compared to the light weight people.

Length – Length is one of the essential criterias that help in picking a longboard. Balancing is vital technique when using the board and it`s mostly associated with the length. The most important thing to note is that an increase in length reduces your maneuverability. Therefore, you need to know your potential to help you pick the right length.

Consult a friend – if your friends are into longboarding, then its wise for you to seek advice from them. But remember, not every board that is going to be the tight one for you. That means, follow the basic when select the best longboard and just take into account the suggestion you get from your friends.

Know what you want – Before you embark on journey of looking for the best longboard, first you need to know that you want to use if for. Some longboards are perfect for cruising and others are designed for skate park. So choose according to your needs.