How Hiring Media Outreach Services Can Help During a PR Crisis

PR agencies or PR boutique firms are in charge of media planning, marketing, media outreach services and any communications of any business. During any public relations crisis, having a PR agency ensures that the issue can be addressed appropriately by mitigating the damages and maintaining the company’s brand image.

If you don’t want to lose your business over a crisis, seek media outreach services that can help you during those critical times. A PR agency handles your PR crisis management, and assists you with:media outreach services

  1. Taking responsibility of the issue.

When your company encounter an online backlash or bad reviews that have escalated into a big issue, don’t cover up. Instead, address it right away to lessen the damage.

Take the responsibility for the problem, according to Forbes. Address it promptly and make a response. Strike when the iron is still hot.

Immediately answer all concerns about your company. Don’t argue with anyone. After dealing with the issue and the answering questions, write a press release distribution reviews about it.

Ensure that you share it to your social media pages. This creates the impression that you’re on top of the situation.  When you share the updates with the public, they maintain their trust as you sustain your credibility despite the issues.

  1. Be on top of the story.

As a brand, you need to show that you can handle the situation. Any story that goes online can go viral quickly. In order to cease the case from blowing up, do whatever you need to do.

If you are the president or the CEO of a company, immediately post an apology, communications or whatever is needed. Be relevant, act as fast as you can.

  1. Go beyond saying sorry.

Issuing a statement that says “I’ll check on everything” isn’t the response that people want to hear from you. Even you tell them that you’re sorry, sad and hurt about what happened, it cannot change a thing.

Aside from feeling sorry and apologizing, show them how you will improve the situation. For instance, let them know that you are changing rules and policies.

Acting quickly on the scenario shows how serious you are at solving the problem. It counts a lot before your loyal customers turn away from your brand.

  1. To be transparent and accountable.

In the world of the social media, it is very important to have a reputation management in order to protect a brand’s credibility. During a crisis, brands should always be transparent, proactive and accountable. In simple words, they should learn to acknowledge, accept the obligation and apologize.

  1. Get ready for social media attacks.

In extreme cases, a simple problem can ignite like wildfire on the social media. Sadly, some small companies ignore this fact.

Even you are not active on the social media, don’t think that the issue can’t go viral. Make sure that you plan with a PR agency on how you can handle these situations. Prepare a plan and modify it when needed.

Crisis Management PR

When a brand comes under attack, it is extremely difficult to control their reputation online. Their credibility as a brand can be damaged in an instant when these things happen.

Here is where a PR agency can help. They are qualified and experienced in guarding against attacks and protecting the image of individuals or brands.

They can help in how you can formulate strategies to handle the worst case scenarios during an attack. When you seek the services of PR firms, they can assist you in restoring your image immediately after an incident.

For instance, if your company became a headline because of an industrial accident that claimed several lives, a PR agency can help by recommending local and national interviews. During  a crisis, people say a lot of false things about you and your brand. However, the trick is not to just swallow everything and do nothing.

A PR agency may advise you to issue press releases in order to address the issue. You may accept interviews with the media in order to clear things out.

Acting immediately can clear an individual and the brand’s reputation. A good PR management can ensure that you can withstand during a crisis.

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Engine Oil Additives Are a Sound Investment

In mechanical applications, moving parts in engines encounter the greatest stress due to friction and heat than any other piece of a boat, automobile or truck. Lubricants have been used since the dawn of the internal combustion age in order to deal with this. The motor in a piece of farm equipment wears out faster, breaks down more easily, and runs less efficiently if the necessary needs for adequate lubrication are not met. This is why an engine oil additive such as ZP-700, produced and marketed by Nitro 9, is such a wise investment.

Although many car owners scoff at the idea of adding anything to their engine’s oil, claiming it is a waste of money, nothing could be further from the truth. Serious businessmen who own pieces of heavy equipment and the modern-day farmer are generally more directly aware of the cost of early and unnecessary repairs and lost efficiency. Having to keep daily track of their business’s bottom line, they may be more willing to try an additive and stick to it than some other people. Car owners with newer and better automobiles are also alert to better ways to travel, and as an engine additive like ZP-700 produces smoother operation of an engine, they may be smart enough to use it.

It has been established through reliable documentation that engines using ZP-700 require service as much as a third less often than engines without it. This saves both time and money. Because your machine’s motor does not need as frequent trips to the service center, downtime of equipment is greatly reduced. This is not to downplay the cost of the service itself, or minimize the heartache and aggravation that goes along with an unreliable machine. The savings is cost are numerous. The service call becomes unnecessary, business can go on uninterrupted and the owner can live a better life.

By using high-pressure chemical technology, ZP-700 pre-lubricates bearings as a lubricant that bleeds out of the metal itself when started. This makes starting easier and prevents dry starts, which saves engine wear and tear. The additive also smooths out the engine as it runs, and this may be especially appealing to the car enthusiast. It also makes industrial applications more effective, as you tractor or truck is already prey to vibration and will last longer and operate better when the engine runs more smoothly.

Another way that an engine oil treatment can save money and increase satisfaction is by extending the service life of the motor. Machines that have these treatments last longer. Because their service life is extended, they do not need as frequent replacement. The system you trust can stay a part of the operation without interruption, which spares a person the Herculean task of shopping for a new car, truck or tractor. Also, because of increased longevity, the vehicle is not as often a victim of the sometimes petty mechanical failures worn out machines are prone to. Well treated engines last longer, delivering added years of service.

It makes better sense to add an engine oil additive than many people realize. As a product like ZP-700 works with existing oil and keeps things running smoothly, it should not be seen as a luxury item or extravagance. It makes good all-around sense.

Worried About Tax Increases – If You Live In California You Should Be

When you are thinking about business tax increases, you need to remember that they are going to hit you hard if you are in California. These business tax increases are coming, but you might be able to get around some of them if you are planning properly. Other tax increases will require a bit of planning so that you will not have to worry about losing too much money.

The Grandfathering

When you are trying to get out of some of the new business taxes, you need to find out if you can be grandfathered into the system at a rate that you are already paying. Certain businesses are going to be exempt from these new taxes, but you will not know until you ask. You will have to fill out a form to get exempted, and you will need to work with the state so that there is no confusion about what you should pay.


You need to calculate the new tax rate, and you need to decide how you are going to make up for these new rates. You can cut small things here and there so that nobody feels the effects too much. When you have planned, your business will not lose any money, and you will be able to make small changes that almost no one will notice. Your employees will go on as if nothing happened, and you will still turn the profit that you are used to turning.

Your Sales

When you need to pay new tax rates on sales, you want to make sure that you are programming your registers to charge the right amount of money. You do not want to get the tax wrong, and you certainly do not want to do anything that is going to get you into trouble with the state.

The three items above are going to help you get prepared for the new business tax rates that are coming. You should be worried about them because they are going to happen, but you will be able to get around them if you are using these simple steps.

Ways to Stay Connected in Chicago

Ways to Stay Connected in Chicago

If you have recently moved to Chicago and are looking for a way to stay connected there are all sorts of different options out there. It really does come down to what kind of connection you desire and where you live in the city. After all, there are all sorts of different regions and services inside the city of Chicago. However, whether you decide to go with a Chicago U-verse service or something else, you can stay connected anywhere.

Naturally, you can go with the pay for service and have it installed inside of your home. This makes sure you have a connection anywhere in your house, which is also going to make it that much more desirable and beneficial for you to have. If you don’t mind paying for the money, this is a good way to go and is something you need to consider. If you depend on the Internet and streaming video content, this is a must for you.

Of course, there are plenty of different ways you are able to take advantage of the Internet without actually paying for it. Depending on where you live in the city of Chicago, there is likely going to be a facility that also provides free Internet as well. Most of the coffee shops in the city provide Internet, as do a large number of the restaurants and many of the hotels do not have a lock on the Internet service either. Now, these Internet connections might not be the best if you want to stream video services such as Netflix or Hulu, but if you just need to access the Internet, this is going to be the way to go and it is not going to charge you anything. Now, you probably need to live right next to it or above the building, but if you do, you should be good to go.

There are all sorts of different options available to you when it comes to staying connected in the city of Chicago. While if you go through a large amount of data you should probably sign up for Internet services through U-Verse or another similar service, you can always use one of the many locations that provides free Internet. You just need to decide what works best for your budget and for your particular needs, as everyone is going to have different needs for their connectivity requirements.

Senoia, Georgia–A Small Town Gem

People visiting Senoia, Georgia, for the first time often feel they’ve been there before. If they are film fans, they probably have. With a population of less than 3500 people and a 19th century atmosphere, Senoia is the quintessential American small town which the film industry loves.

A veteran of 24 movies and TV shows, Senoia is presently the fictional town of Woodbury, Georgia in the popular AMC series “Walking Dead”. Previously it was featured in such movies as “Driving Miss Daisy” and “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

The town appreciates the revitalized economy from the entertainment business. Main Street now boasts many new stores as well as restored old ones. They like the many new jobs which are now available, and they welcome the many tourists, including the “Walker Stalkers” that come by the thousands.

Such attention and economic growth, however, is a double-edge sword. With all the current hustle and bustle, how does the city keep its quiet, quaint personality?

Much of the filming of the TV series is done on a farm, away from the town center. This year some work will be hidden behind a large wall to hide the process and prevent “spoilers” for the show. In addition, the town advertises its non-film related assets. There are some beautiful older homes, two of which have been featured in the Southern Living magazine. Citizens are also quick to mention two family-owned businesses that have been in operation more than 100 years. Three commercial areas offer different store varieties including specialty shops and restaurants, historic and antique shops and tourist merchandise.

City leaders also work to focus on the city’s history which goes back to 1860. The town was most likely named after a chief of a Creek Native American tribe of the area. Many of the restored businesses are recreated back to their late 19th century style. Driving tours are set up to view the historical homes and buildings, while museums feature items from the town’s past, including classical cars. Race fans can enjoy a genuine Georgia red clay dirt track for weekly stock car races and other scheduled events.

While enjoying its small town atmosphere, Senoia’s location 25 miles south of Atlanta allows visitors easy access to big city energy, shopping and tourist attractions. In fact, the city slogan “The perfect setting. For life.” seems just right.